If you are looking for a league to join we have one for everyone men, ladies of any age/ skill level or even a mixed league. We keep each league fun and non-competitive.
All leagues have discounted green fees and power carts.

The Social League

Mondays and Tuesdays from 3pm-7pm
This is a mixed fun league for anyone.
Teams consist of min 6 players
Cost is $60 registration ( included weekly 50/50, meal at banquet and buy into league payouts)
$17 green fee for 9 holes
Discounted food and beverages both on and off course
Contact: Chris Grattoncgratton@gmail.com

Senior Men’s League

Thursdays 9am-11am.
$100 registration ( includes weekly payouts and meal for yearend banquet)
18 holes $28.00
Contact: Jerry Rastinjerryjan@sympatico.ca

Senior Women’s League

Wednesday s 9am-10am.
$14 for 9 holes or $24 for 18 holes.
Weekly prizes and food specials.
Contact: Michelle Lewismichelle.lewis@sympatico.ca

Thirsty Thursday Men’s Night

Thursdays from 2pm-7pm
$5/ week for league and $5 (optional for skins) skins Flighted A & B
Weekly closest to pins. Weekly payouts..
all league scores handicapped. If week is a team score cards are random draw.
Must have 10 out of 20 weeks to be eligible for year-end payouts.
$17 for nine holes $28 for 18 holes if requested
Discounted food and beverage on and off the course
Draw prizes throughout year
Contact: Mike Tanguaymwtanguay@yahoo.ca

Twilight Women’s League

Wednesday evenings from 2:30pm- 7pm * Registration night is April 22 from 5-30-730**
$40 registration ( includes prize and meal at banquet)
$17 for 9 holes. Discount food and beverage available both on and off course
Weekly 50/50.. prizes..games..fun nights
Breast cancer awareness nights.. showcase nights
Contact: Sue Lewisstrathroygolfladies@gmail.com